What it’s like to work with the Paramount Health Solutions CDI/DRGV Team:

A Guide to our Process

If your hospital is considering working with Paramount Health Solutions (PHS) to move the needle on clinical documentation and coding improvement, here are some things to know about our approach. One of the first actions we take is a 90-day pre-bill audit. When hospitals see the potential for recovering lost revenue and for their physicians to receive training from an expert team with more than 35 years of CDI/DRGV experience, hospitals can enter a pre-bill agreement with Paramount Health Solutions. Pre-bill agreements have multiple benefits for clients, including:

  1. A second level of review and DRG validation
  2. Ongoing oversight to ensure that opportunities are not being missed
  3. Customized training specific to the needs of the hospital’s physicians
  4. Experts to help the hospital navigate the frequent coding compliance changes, especially COVID-19-related standards
  5. Reduction in denials
  6. Our guarantee to write appeals at no additional cost if any of our recommendations are denied by a payer
  7. Filling in when there are staffing shortages in the CDI/DRGV/HIM area

Our process is mostly remote, although we will visit the hospital when in-person communication is needed. We’ve done our work remotely for years with hospitals across the U.S., even before the pandemic. We conduct monthly calls with our clients’ coding, CDI and other relevant departments to create a feedback loop, essential for the success of every HIM department. Our team has worked on the hospital side before we became consultants and we understand the pressures and time constraints faced by hospital providers. We strive to be partners and allies rather than merely vendors. If you’d like to connect with one of our experts, click here, or give us a call at (615) 347-4867 or (210) 725-3444.