PHS Steps In to Train a New CDI/DRGV Team

In addition to the usual consulting and reviewing services of the mid-revenue cycle, Paramount Health Solutions is also helping train and develop in-house personnel to become the next generation of CDI and DRGV professionals.

A client hospital recently requested assistance to train new hires in these important roles. The CDI manager had suddenly left, followed by the retirement of the most senior nurse in the department. The hospital hired a new group of nurses who didn’t have backgrounds in CDI.

Paramount Health Solutions was brought in to conduct an onsite three-day intensive bootcamp for the new nurses to help get them started in their new roles. This was followed by a second onsite visit to monitor their progress and provide additional training. A third visit is planned soon.

For this assignment, the PHS team is serving both as educators and assessors. “We took over developing the client’s CDI program,” said COO of Paramount Health Solutions Bilal Mushtaq, M.D.  “We helped educate the new staff about what their processes should look like and what to focus on. We have a benchmark of their level at the beginning and their progress so far. We’ll go back and do another onsite assessment. Then we’ll give a report to the CFO to help him see if these new hires will be successful in this role or not.”

Mushtaq said this engagement is part of the scope of services PHS can provide to clients who have agreements in place. “We want to help provide continuous support and education for ongoing improvement of a hospital’s DRGV and CDI program,” he said.

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