6 Reasons Why Paramount Health Solutions is Distinctly Different From Other CDI/DRGV Consultants

We created Paramount Health Solutions (PHS) to fill a gap in the marketplace. As physicians and coders who have worked at different health systems and healthcare consulting companies, we have a unique perspective. We saw a pronounced need for a company such as PHS to help hospitals with their CDI/DRGV and HIM processes. So, we capitalized on the opportunity and established Paramount Health Solutions.

The PHS team is passionate about our work and the positive impact we have on hospitals.  

Here are 6 ways in which the PHS team is vastly different from and superior to, other consulting firms:

  1. Our physicians and auditors are experts, deeply experienced and certified in CDI/DRGV. With more than 50 years of combined experience in this field, and tens of thousands of records reviewed, we’re always keeping up with new coding changes.
  2. Our physicians actually review patient charts. We don’t dilute the process with non-clinical analysts looking at charts who pass their findings to physicians who never actually lay eyes on the records. Yes, that’s really a thing. We don’t think that method works very well. At Paramount, our MDs have access to every chart for every client and review the charts themselves. We have the clinical as well as the coding knowledge to understand exactly what we’re seeing, as well as what might be missing.
  3. Seamless communication. Our audit team is in constant communication with each other. We verify all findings among our experts and anchor them to the coding criteria. We’re accessible and available to address client questions and concerns. We present our rationale to the clients for any changes that are recommended. If a charge is denied by the payer, we will write an appeal at no cost to the client.
  4. 80 to 95% physician acceptance rate. The high physician acceptance rate for our recommendations reflects a quality process that is accurate and efficient.
  5. We focus on compliance as well as reimbursement. Our goal is to submit charts that are appropriate and clean, not merely upcoded to maximize charges. This means fewer denials, less risk of audits, more accurate records, and higher reimbursements for our clients.
  6. Relationship-focused. We respect the time and priorities of clients. We don’t send useless queries that don’t meet criteria. Our education sessions are directed and customized for the specialties and needs of the hospital physicians and staff. Our aim is to help teams on the ground improve their documentation, coding, and HIM processes for long-term success.

We’ve developed the sort of consulting firm that we would want to work with if we were still employed by a hospital. We’ve been on both sides and bring vast knowledge and proven processes to the table.

We’re happy to start a conversation with anyone who wants to test our capabilities. Paramount Health Solutions offers a no-risk 90-day pre-bill audit at no out-of-pocket expense to the hospital. Click here for more information or call us directly at (615) 347-4867 or (210) 725-3444.

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