Paramount Health Solutions Reduces Risks for Hospitals

Hospitals are stressed from battling three years of COVID-19 and its variants, increased supply and labor costs and frequent medical coding guideline and payment changes. It’s a complicated and unsettling time in the healthcare industry.

On top of these factors, OIG is ramping up audits, and payers are increasing denials.

That’s where Paramount Health Solutions comes in. Our highly experienced physicians and coding auditors offer a range of services, including clinical documentation compliance reviews and denials management.

Improving these areas will make a significant impact on operational efficiency and revenue while reducing risks. 

Our physician-led process provides a second level of review for accurate, complete and compliant clinical documentation. We uncover upcoding and downcoding opportunities for a true and complete clinical picture of a patient’s stay.

Additionally, when we find irregularities or errors in the documentation and coding patterns, we can address the issues with respectful, customized education programs for your physicians and staff.

And we have a solid record of writing appeals specific to the particular insurance providers and payors to overturn initial denials. Rather than simply rebilling the claim, our team conducts a thorough analysis of the medical record and writes a detailed appeal to defend the codes and support the DRG billed.   

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