Is Your Hospital Struggling to Receive Full Reimbursement for Services?

Hospitals across the country are stressed by a complicated coding landscape with frequent changes, payer denials and audits. Incomplete or inaccurate clinical documentation along with coding errors are happening every day, affecting hospital reimbursements and accuracy of data. Physicians don’t receive coding training in medical school, and coding staff is hard-pressed to keep up with changing requirements and guidelines. Contracted coding firms often have problematic solutions that increase hospital costs and risks, or only focus on one area of CDI and DRGV rather than comprehensively. The Paramount Health Solutions team of highly credentialed and experienced physicians and coding auditors has an effective method that’s different from other firms. Our mixed pricing model shares risk with the hospital and does not add to operational costs. We work in partnership with clients to deliver increased revenue and compliance while also educating their teams on how to be more effective at clinical documentation and coding. Paramount Health Solutions was founded and is owned and operated by physicians who are specially trained and credentialled in CDI, DRGV and coding. We blend the best of both worlds – experience and deep understanding of the clinical side of care as well as the coding side.

  • The Paramount Health Solutions team focuses on the details in every patient chart we review. Charts are carefully and efficiently inspected for information indicating exactly what was included in the patient encounter.
  • We provide extensive, customized summaries of our findings and true impacts.
  • Our average dollar find per chart with opportunities is $2,500 to $4,500.
  • Our team members have all served in hospitals and know what it’s like from your perspective.
  • We provide direct, open, collegial and timely communication throughout the engagement.

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