Paramount Health Solutions Compliance Program

Paramount Health Solutions (“Paramount”) has developed and implemented a comprehensive Compliance Program (“the Program”).  The Compliance Program was adopted in furtherance of the commitment of Paramount that the activities of its employees and those acting on behalf of Paramount shall be conducted in a legal and ethical manner.  In addition to its Compliance Program, Paramount has instituted a Code of Conduct, written policies and procedures, a compliance training program, and a confidential disclosure program.

Confidential Disclosure Program

Paramount employees, physicians, contractors, clients, and agents may report known or suspected compliance or privacy concerns through Paramount’s Confidential Disclosure Program.  The Confidential Disclosure Program is operated by a third party, Compliance Resource Center (CRC),  to ensure the confidentiality of individuals who report concerns if they choose to remain anonymous. The CRC Hotline is available by calling their toll free: 1-(855) 252-7606, or you may also file a report electronically at:, or by writing the Chief Compliance Officer at Paramount’s physical address in Franklin, Tennessee, by emailing the CCO directly, or by filing a concern via Paramount’s website under compliance where you will find a badge with a link to the CRC electronic website. These contact methods afford employees, physicians, contractors, clients, and agents the ability to disclose to the CCO any identified issues or questions associated with Paramount policies, practices, or procedures with respect to a federal healthcare program believed by the individual to be inappropriate.

The Code of Conduct emphasizes that the Paramount Compliance Program and Hotline include a non-retribution, non-retaliation policy, and includes a mechanism for anonymous, confidential communication.  Paramount conducts an internal review of all reported allegations that permits a determination of the appropriateness of the alleged improper practice; and provides an opportunity for taking corrective action.  Paramount ensures that appropriate follow-up is conducted in all such matters.

If reporting electronically, please enter “Paramount Health Solutions” in the Organization Name box on the initial page.

Paramount Contact Information

Chief Compliance Officer – Rehan Shakoor

Paramount’s Chief Compliance Officer Email:

[email protected]

Paramount’s CCP Mailing Address:

Paramount Health Solutions, Chief Compliance Officer

1616 Westgate Circle | Brentwood, Tennessee 37027