Paramount Health Solutions is a  Physician-Led DRGV/CDI Company committed to providing excellent, customized services and staff education to help hospitals achieve best-practice DRG validation and clinical documentation for reimbursement and quality.

Dr. Bilal Mushtaq, M.D., co-founder of Paramount Health Solutions (PHS), along with company leaders Dr. Sanjeev Kumar, M.D., and Dr. Rehan Shakoor, M.D., early in their careers received specific training in clinical documentation and made it the focus of their life’s work. The three physicians earned Coding and Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) credentials and served in various leadership roles related to DRG Validation, CDI programs, implementation of training programs, provider education and revenue cycle management at different organizations.

At one point, all three physicians worked for Community Health Systems, with each responsible for approximately 40 hospitals across different regions of the U.S.

Dr. Mushtaq saw an entrepreneurial opportunity to create a new physician-led business using the skills he had acquired in DRGV and CDI. He knew that regardless of which type of hospital – whether for-profit or non-profit and no matter the geographic area, there was an urgent need for physician-led DRGV and CDI processes.

In the fall of 2018, Dr. Mushtaq co-founded Paramount Health Solutions, and Dr. Kumar and Dr. Shakoor joined the new company. A year later, Wesley Littrell, an accomplished healthcare executive based in Nashville, who had been serving on the board of Paramount Health Solutions, accepted the additional role of president.

Drs. Mushtaq, Kumar and Shakoor have a combined 35 years of experience in DRGV and CD, and have an average dollar find between $2,500 – $4,500 per chart with opportunity, yielding more than $100 million in cumulative career findings.

In May 2020, as a result of an acquisition by a group of investors out of Franklin, Tenn., the business relocated from California to its current headquarters in Franklin, Tenn. The new investors are led by Ken Doran, who serves as the CEO and President of Spectrum Health Partners (SHP). SHP provides a full scope of healthcare consulting to all types of healthcare organizations through interim management, financial and transaction advisory services.

In June of 2022, Mr. Doran assumed the role of President & CEO of PHS.

Paramount Health Solutions uses proven methods and advanced technology to partner with a hospital’s current staff and provide physician-to-physician education.

Paramount Health Solutions works with hospitals of all sizes throughout the U.S. to ensure accurate, complete and timely clinical documentation and coding to capture a true clinical picture for better patient care and optimized revenue streams.