[ paramount ]
(adj.) top, peak, vital, dominant, utmost

We are leading healthcare into the modern age by using proven methodologies and advanced technology to assist healthcare providers across the United States. Paramount Health Solutions lets providers focus on the practice of medicine while we manage the revenue stream.


Our clients can expect a relationship based on honesty, integrity, objectivity, transparency and professionalism.

Our clients can expect us to be approachable and open to improvement suggestions.

Our clients can expect and be assured we will not engage in any activity that is illegal, unethical or immoral.

Our clients can expect direct, open and timely communication throughout our engagement.

Our clients can expect a relationship based on appropriately upholding our promise to protect all privileged and confidential client information.

Our clients can expect us to identify and disclose any potential conflicts of interest at the beginning of our relationship, or anytime during our relationship, as soon as it should appear.

Our clients can expect an honest assessment of potential opportunities and realistic expectations of results from our services.

Our clients can expect all persons to be treated fairly, regardless of race, religion, age, gender, disability or national origin based on our belief that all persons are equal.